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      Hello. I really must ask this question here, because I’m really out of ideas. How do you people operate with GTUNEC extension files? How to Convert these into EE or WTUNEC, or whatever else what the game sees / don’t ignore? There’s a lot of mods made on this extension, but for some odd reasons, my version of the game can’t handle this extension. I Bought it o steam quite recently in fact. In JC4 like in JC3, I wasn’t able to use gtunec extension files and every exe of the Gibbed’s tools is prompting me with an error and crash when I try to convert this extension, The game is just not seeing it at all. Seriously. gtunec is not working for me at all. Putting converted mods with .bl format inĀ  Just Cause 4\dropzone\packages\main not working also. Yes I’ve unpacked the game, found the original one file. In JC3 I was able to mod weapons and “convert” aaf.unc to EE, just by changing it’s extension on change name option. But here it’s not working.

      Could anyone help on this?

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