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    This mod contains four very early weaponized vehicles (behind are the names you use for aaron's spawner)!

    • Mugello Verdeleon eco racing => v024_car_ecosuper_racing_01 then wpverdeleon
    • Jet minigun
    • Jet missiles


    • Mugello Vistosa racing => v023_car_racingsuper_racing_01 then wpvistosa
    • Powerrun minigun
    • Powerrun mortar


    • Urga Ogar racing => v046_car_racingbuggy_racing_01 then wpogar
    • AA-Tank weapons


    • Prisa Azor racing => v042_car_racingsedan_racing_01 then wpazor
    • Corvette Cannon


    This is an experimental release, so there are some drawbacks

    You need to spawn the racing version of the vehicle you want to use first, then the actual weaponized vehicle, plus the car's sounds do not work, the weapon ones do though

    As an example, you want to use the weaponized urga ogar buggy, use "spawn v046_car_racingbuggy_racing_01", which spawns the normal version, then use "spawn wpogar" which spawns the version with weapons

    To spawn these vehicles, you will need aaron's entity spawner, available here:  in case it doesn't work anymore, keep in mind that game updates break this utility, so check the site for updates after game updates and keep it up to date


    This is not based on Protato's weaponized vehicles for jc3, but instead uses another method, which is swapping a vehicle's interaction and models onto a weaponized vehicle, which makes it act like a car, but keeps the weapons as i found no other way to weaponized vehicles yet, since the devs like to make things overly complicated and broken. Furthermore, i do not intend to steal Protato's idea, these are simple meant to bridge the gap, until he finds a better method :)


    These vehicles are based on Protato's nitrous everywhere mod, and do therefor already have nitrous and turbojump, available here: and was created with UnknownMiscreant's ashen mod tools available here:


    If you plan on making a video review on this mod, please be sure to give proper credit, that is linking this page, or atleast the mod website so that viewers do actually know where to download this mod from and so we get feedback on our work

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