JC4 Entity Spawner

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    Spawn anything and everything, vehicles, characters, animals, props. Enable infinite ammo, toggle hidden features.


    • spawn - Spawn everything! Vehicles, characters, animals & props.
    • event - Trigger game events - CAUTION - Stick to using only the hints, unless you know what the event does
    • world - Change world parameters


    • Tilde (`~) or F1 - Toggle the input box
    • Escape - Clear current input text
    • Up/Down Arrows - Navigate the input history
    • TAB - Change focus to the hints list
    • When hints list is focused
      • Escape - Return focus to main input
      • Up/Down Arrows - Navigate the list
      • Enter - Append the current hint to the input text
  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Extract xinput9_1_0.dll to your Just Cause 4 installation folder
    • Start the game and press the tilde (`~) or F1 key to open the console
    • OPTIONAL - Enable super fast game loading with the -quickstart launch argument via Steam
  • event_note Changelog


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.09)


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.08)


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.07)
    • Prevent spawning rico skins (would corrupt game saves)


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.06)


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.05)


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.04)


    • Fix getting stuck when alt-tabbing with input window open in full screen mode


    • Support for the latest steam version (v1.03)
    • Added player in/vulnerable events (Thanks to @FlyingSixtySix)
    • Added DLC spawnables to hints list (Thanks to @parind)


    • Added character model names to spawn hints list
    • Added support for pasting text into the input box
    • Added optional input box toggle key (F1)
    • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the game to crash when quitting


    • Initial release

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  • UpdatedJun 26, 2019
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