Just Cause 4 Redux Graphics Mod ( JC3 Type Colours ) Improves Visuals Drastically ( NVIDIA Users Only )

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    Just Cause 4 Redux Graphics Mod (NVIDIA GeForce Users Only)

    Features Of This Mode

    * Does not Kill Performance (No FPS Loss)
    * Fix to Rico's Flickering hair (Grainy Type)
    * No Textures Replaced
    * Vibrant Environment
    * Improves Visuals Drastically
    * More Detailed Cutscences
    * More Bluish & Foamy Water
    * Gives Meditarian (Just Cause 3) Vibes
    * Turns Anti-Aliasing To Detail Like Sturctures
    * FXAA Looks better Than Temoral SMAA (Improves Performance)
    * Better Colour For Vegetation
    * Better Global illumination
    * Improves Sharpness Of Textures
    * Crispy vegetation
    * Better Soft Shadows
    * More Realistic Skybox
    * Better Looking Explosion (Reddish)
    * Better Reflections
    * Does Not bleed your eyes : )

    NOTE: This Mode Only Works On NVIDIA GPU's

    The Screenshots and Gameplay Was Captured From My PC With NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) And Intel Core i7-8th CPU
    On Maximum Graphic settings On 1080p With Anti-Aliasing Set to FXAA

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