Just Ridiculous (Play as Cow Di Revello and the Pirate Rico Skin Anywhere)

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     no more time should be spent wishing you could drastically change your Just Cause experience by getting more than just the basic player models available in the game! the Just Ridiculous Mod allows you to select between playing as Di Ravello (cow form and very very broken looking) and Pirate Rico (from one of the latest easter eggs) whenever you wish! simply open the pause menu, navigate to the customization section, and select either the JC2 Rico or JC3 Rico skin to change your appearance.

    basically replaces the JC2 Rico skin with the Pirate Rico skin and swaps the JC3 skin for the broken Cow Ravello skin.


    --may also include a couple of wingsuit and parachute reskins that i was too lazy to remove. have fun with those... they may make a reappearance in my next upload if i can get around to it soon enough.

    props to David for helping me understand the editing of .BIN files through his recent mods :)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    place the "dropzone" folder inside of your main Just Cause 4 directory and follow the basic steps required for running mods on this website (use a mod loader or whatever you please)

  • event_note Changelog

    Reuploaded to this site as I don't think any moderators have been active in a while and didn't see my mod open to be moderated :P

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