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    As easy as it gets, my Simple Mod Loader is a .CMD file that launches Just Cause 4 with all of the required arguments to load mods.

    This mod is loosely based off LukeJC's Unlimited Mod Loader, but I simplified it in case people are scared to edit their System Environment Variables, or just wish for a shorter approach when trying to use a mod loader.

    All languages are fully supported in one launcher!

    It is updated to the newest set of arguments, ready to get dropped straight into the JC4 root directory. For an install guide, see the extra description below.

    Thank you for using my mod loader!


    Credits: LukeJC, Electro (Icons used in Thumbnail)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Installation Guide:

    1.  Open your Just Cause 4 game folder, this is typically located at "/.../Steam/steamapps/common/Just Cause 4/"
    2. Download and extract the mod loader. You may have to use 7zip File Manager if you have no previous compression software installed.
    3. Drag and drop the SimpleModloader.CMD file and dropzone folder into the Just Cause 4 game folder.

    To start the game, double click SimpleModLoader.CMD. No administrator privileges are needed! Type the letter shown on screen and press enter to load the game.

    Sometimes you will be prompted to allow the extra launch arguments in a Steam window and a bell sound will play. Accept this and you're good to go!

    If you still feel a bit stuck, please try watching Luke's video on installing a mod loader (watch from 0:11 to 3:40).

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1 - First Release, only English supported

    V2 - 24/12/19 - All languages fully supported!

    V3 - 30/12/19 - All languages bundled into one launcher.

    V4 - 16/2/20 - Minor changes. Fixed colours to be brighter.

    V5 - 12/3/20 - Quick start support added for all languages. Code tidied up.

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