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Amphibious vehicles V2

This mod makes almost every vehicles amphibious! This exclude only heavy vehicles and bikes and a few dlc vehicles, the rest all works! Even planes and helicopters, which only swim Car handling on water was also improved over the last version, you now steer by holding handbrake and using a and d while on water, […]

Amphibious vehicles

This mod gives the following vehicles the ability to be fully amphibious (behind them are the names you use with aaron’s spawner): Rigged Coyle Mambo – v017_car_vintagemuscle_bomb_special Coyle Mambo – v017_car_vintagemuscle_civilian Debug Coyle Mambo (?) – v017_car_vintagemuscle_civilian_02 (only obtainable with the spawner)   Rigged Chupacabra Monstertruck – v018_car_monstertruck_bomb_special Chupacabra Monstertruck – v018_car_monstertruck_civilian_01   Rigged Kerner […]