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Alpha weaponized vehicles V2

This mod contains four very early weaponized vehicles (behind are the names you use for aaron’s spawner)! Mugello Verdeleon eco racing => v024_car_ecosuper_racing_01 then wpverdeleon Jet minigun Jet missiles   Mugello Vistosa racing => v023_car_racingsuper_racing_01 then wpvistosa Powerrun minigun Powerrun mortar   Urga Ogar racing => v046_car_racingbuggy_racing_01 then wpogar AA-Tank weapons   Prisa Azor racing […]

Underwater Buggy

This mod enable the Vagabundo Buggy to be fully able to drive under water!   Spawn it in with either aaron’s entity spawner (command: spawn v046_car_racingbuggy_civilian) or with the rebeldrop To no die under water, use arron’s entity spawner and use the command “event ply.invalnurable” You can download aaron’s entity spawner here: https://justcause4mods.com/mods/jc4-entity-spawner/   For […]