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Just Ridiculous (Play as Cow Di Revello and the Pirate Rico Skin Anywhere)

┬áno more time should be spent wishing you could drastically change your Just Cause experience by getting more than just the basic player models available in the game! the Just Ridiculous Mod allows you to select between playing as Di Ravello (cow form and very very broken looking) and Pirate Rico (from one of the […]

Weaponized Cow Gun

Using protato’s mod maker (https://justcause4mods.com/mods/protatos-mod-creator-v05/) I made the cow gun have similar stats to the SMG. So now you can kill your enemies but they have turned into mutant cows.. if you guys want me to I could make different versions (burst fire, OP, air cannon, etc) of the gun.   Have fun!