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Loaded Rebels – Improve the AI Rebel Armory

TIRED OF YOUR REBELS HAVING THE PUNIEST GUNS? MAKE ‘EM FULLY LOADED & UPGRADE THEIR ARSENAL Give your rebels that shiny MG w/shield This mod gives rebels, especially those patrolling roads, bases, & cities, improved weaponry. It will also alter rebel weaponry on the frontlines. NOTES: v1 – Upgrade rifle, shotgun, machinegun (MG w/ shield), […]

More Rebels – Convert Civilians to Rebels

This download now contains all my mods that alter spawn_character_defs TURN THOSE USELESS FLEEING CIVILIANS INTO DIE HARD REBELS FOR YOUR CAUSE NOTES: In ALL versions, the rebels are in their tier 3 (the max. tier) look, meaning rebels look more like actual soldiers with their helmets & body armor. This mod does not convert […]

More Chaos – A Factions Mod

THINGS BECOME A LITTLE MORE EXCITING WHEN THERE’S MORE SHOOTING, EXPLOSIONS, AND DEATH IN SOLIS NOTES: v1 – Black Hand are hostile towards civilians & the “police” & “soldiers” factions. This results in some of the military shooting each other or their own drones depending on what faction each enemy type is in. Military shoots […]