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Protato’s Mod Creator (Easi-Edit)

Ever wanted to create your own Just Cause 4 mods? Introducing my Easi-Edit mod creator, you can easily make your own weapon, vehicle, or grapple mods quickly.   Required files: Modified GGR Files: https://justcause4mods.com/mods/protatos-fixed-ggr-files/   Conditions of use: All mods created with this tool must link back to this page with the following text above […]

Just Cause 4 Mod Loader v1

Mod Launcher for JC4. Full steam integration.  See instructions below for how to install. A version of this similar to the Ashen Installer I developed for JC3 is planned. Development is currently on hiatus as I am working on the modding tools, but around 50% of the work is already completed. Keep an eye out […]

LaunchWithDropzone in different languages

LaunchWithDropzone is a launcher for Just Cause 4 that will start the game the correct arguments to use the dropzone directory as seen before in the Just Cause series, with all game data (DLC). This is an extension to Rick’s LaunchWithDropzone mod. This mod was only available in English. Here are all other languages. Languages: […]

Ashen Mod Tools for JC4

Just Cause 4 Modding Tools.  Very much a work in progress port of the JC3 tools. Alot of stuff needed rewriting/changing, and theres still alot of bugs. Fixes are going to be coming. Included tools and rough usage guide: Unpacker – run the exe to make a full game unpack. Individual tab files can be […]