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Protato’s Fixed GGR files

OVERHAULED Fixed almost all vehicles & weapons, along with the grapple and rico files reliance on generated_global_resources. Useful for other modders to easily mod any of the above files in a similar way to JC3      

Just Cause 4 Mod Loader v1

Mod Launcher for JC4. Full steam integration.  See instructions below for how to install. A version of this similar to the Ashen Installer I developed for JC3 is planned. Development is currently on hiatus as I am working on the modding tools, but around 50% of the work is already completed. Keep an eye out […]

JC4 Mod Combiner

The Just Cause 4 mod combiner allows you to combine two mods of the same file. Includes a shortcut that does the packing & unpacking for you!

Ashen Mod Tools for JC4

Just Cause 4 Modding Tools.  Very much a work in progress port of the JC3 tools. Alot of stuff needed rewriting/changing, and theres still alot of bugs. Fixes are going to be coming. Included tools and rough usage guide: Unpacker – run the exe to make a full game unpack. Individual tab files can be […]