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Unlimited Ammo

From the creator of the Just Cause 3 Unlimited ammo (+ Infinite magazine size) mod!   Now you can have infinite ammo for (most) of your weapons!   This mod currently supports unlimited ammo for the following weapons: SW9 SW7-PBA (primary fire only) CC10 (primary fire only) PBX Auto-Slug 4 21-J Smart Rifle SMG-2 (primary […]

Alpha weaponized vehicles V2

This mod contains four very early weaponized vehicles (behind are the names you use for aaron’s spawner)! Mugello Verdeleon eco racing => v024_car_ecosuper_racing_01 then wpverdeleon Jet minigun Jet missiles   Mugello Vistosa racing => v023_car_racingsuper_racing_01 then wpvistosa Powerrun minigun Powerrun mortar   Urga Ogar racing => v046_car_racingbuggy_racing_01 then wpogar AA-Tank weapons   Prisa Azor racing […]

Loaded Rebels – Improve the AI Rebel Armory

TIRED OF YOUR REBELS HAVING THE PUNIEST GUNS? MAKE ‘EM FULLY LOADED & UPGRADE THEIR ARSENAL Give your rebels that shiny MG w/shield This mod gives rebels, especially those patrolling roads, bases, & cities, improved weaponry. It will also alter rebel weaponry on the frontlines. NOTES: v1 – Upgrade rifle, shotgun, machinegun (MG w/ shield), […]

Weaponized Cow Gun

Using protato’s mod maker (https://justcause4mods.com/mods/protatos-mod-creator-v05/) I made the cow gun have similar stats to the SMG. So now you can kill your enemies but they have turned into mutant cows.. if you guys want me to I could make different versions (burst fire, OP, air cannon, etc) of the gun.   Have fun!

Improved Railgun

Just Cause 4 mod | Improved Railgun Made with Protato’s Mod Creator Protato’s Mod Creator https://justcause4mods.com/mods/protatos-mod-creator-easi-edit/ Features – Magazine capacity increased from 4 to 10 – Unlimited reserve ammunition – Doubled range – Doubled velocity – 50% faster fire rate – 50% faster reload – Doubled damage – 10% incresed “impulse” Installation 1. Get a […]