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    This tool puts all game tabs in one directory without seperating them (normal: game1_unpack etc)   Copied and edited from https://justcause3mods.com/mods/just-cause-3-unpacker/ Modified for Just Cause 4 Unpack the game tab´s easier using Gibbed.JustCause4.Unpack.exe and the unpacker.bat get Gibbed.JustCause4.Unpack.exe from https://justcause4mods.com/mods/gibbeds-just-cause-4-mod-tools/ Example usage: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 4\archives_win64\main_patch C:\Users\User\Desktop\jc4-1.0.14-with-symbols\bin\bin\Gibbed.JustCause4.Unpack.exe C:\Users\User\Desktop\jc4\Unpacked

    July 1, 2019
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    COPIED FROM https://justcause4mods.com/mods/jc4-entity-spawner/ Modified the list of Spawnable items! LOOK AT https://justcause4mods.com/mods/jc4-entity-spawner/ FOR INSTRUCTIONS Usefull things:  event ply.unlimitedammo.enable - Enabled infinite ammo event ply.unlimitedammo.disable - Disables infinite ammo ply.invulnerable ---(this is actual 'GOD mode', unlike infinite health mods that still allow damage) ply.vulnerable COPIED: Commands spawn - Spawn everything! Vehicles, characters, animals & props. event - Trigger game events - CAUTION - Stick to using only the hints, unless you know what the event does world - Change world parameters Controls Tilde (`~) or F1 - Toggle the input box Escape -…

    July 22, 2019