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    This mod will add custom paint jobs to four vehicles: The Prisa Azor (and it's racing version) The Verdeleon eco (and it's racing version) The EM-909 private jet The Skycastle cargoplane (and it's other variations: military, military_cargo_paratrooper and signal_jammer)   These skins are in no way perfect, as we can not look at the actual skins yet and i had to make them from scratch and guess what part of the texture is responsible for what part of the vehicle, but they…

    January 26, 2019
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    This tutorial will show you a way to more conveniently and quickly launch the game with mods and additionally load any modpacks you want without changing anything in a launcher-UI, and all that just two clicks away after setting it up!   => Want to play Just Cause 3? Online? With mods from me and others? Then feel free to check out my Freeroam Unlimited JC3MP server and it's Discord, where you will get updates regarding Just Cause, get early infos…

    January 17, 2019